Affordable LIHTC Housing Developments

Alliant Communities identifies, evaluates, acquires, capitalizes, and develops land for affordable housing.

Alliant Capital, ASD’s Affiliate, is a national leader in the world of affordable housing, having capitalized over $8 billion in affordable housing and Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) developments.

Alliant Communities leverages Alliant Capital’s experience to develop and build unique properties in areas in need of attainable and affordable housing. Alliant Communities is focused on developing affordable housing, attainable housing and mixed-use properties. The group and its principals have deep experience conceiving, designing, capitalizing, and building mixed-use developments including multifamily in desirable locations close to shopping and employment.

Long Term Commitment

LIHTC projects deliver a long term commitment to affordable housing. Low Income Housing Tax Credits are a stable source of significant capital supporting affordable housing. Typically, these affordable housing units are rent restricted for 55+ years. The rent levels often are limited to 50%-60% of the applicable Area Median Income (AMI).

New Quality Housing

The efficient allocation of capital for the development of Affordable Housing enables Alliant Communities to offer attractive, updated homes with desired amenities in a compelling community setting.