AC Honors Black History Month

The golden rule is to know your audience when communicating in any format. With this being said, it’s vital in this time of inflation that we’re living in to keep in mind that people are genuinely struggling, especially in communities where there’s an ever diminishing middle-class population.

For many families, rent is a financial burden that adversely affects their economic well-being, which is often tenuous at best, as an unexpected drop in income could easily lead to eviction. It has been reported that the average family in the bottom segment of the income distribution has less than $500 left after paying rent, a monthly amount that must be allotted for essential necessities, such as food, clothing, health care, and transportation. According to the Multifamily Outlook report from Freddie Mac, annual rent growth is forecasted to be 3.6% in 2022, with rising rent expected in every major U.S. housing market. This poses a major housing security threat to many families as many of the fastest-growing rental markets are in areas with a lower cost of living. Still, rising rent may make living in these areas less affordable. 

To address this issue of housing insecurity, Alliant Communities (AC), a Southern California-based developer specializing in affordable and workforce multifamily properties, has made it its mission is to provide people with the opportunity to have stabilized housing- an element that everyone deserves to have as a building block to a healthy life.

“We are here today because we are tired. We are tired of paying more for less. We are tired of living in rat-infested slums… We are tired of having to pay a median rent of $97 a month in Lawndale for four rooms while whites living in South Deering pay $73 a month for five rooms. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to open the doors of opportunity to all of God’s children.”

-Dr. King, 1966, Chicago Soldier Field Stadium as part of the Chicago Open Housing Movement

In 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. highlighted the ongoing issue of housing inequality. Today, 56 years later, his words are still relevant to modern-day issues that should trigger a set of thoughts wondering why the effects of the same problem are still negatively impacting a portion of the population. By focusing on the development of mixed-income, workforce, and affordable housing in areas with unmet demand, AC is doing its part so that Dr. King’s call for a fundamental right such as housing doesn’t remain unfulfilled.

During Black History Month, and now knowing AC’s contribution to the cause of equality for all, there’s a no better time than the present to think about how will you position the brand you represent, whether it be an educational institution, nonprofit organization, entertainment label, or anything in between, to speak into the lives of people amid the situations they are facing? How can you position your brand to have an impact? How can you communicate to your audience to activate their consciousness toward a greater cause? These are all questions to strongly consider and develop a strategy around so that you can do your part in the movement toward liberty and justice for all.

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